VoIP Solutions

MiVoice5320-NON-Backlit-760x450-2VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers UNPARALLELED flexibility, features, capabilities and significant cost savings!

We offer support for many VoIP systems.  We take a networking first approach to ensure that your systems have the capability to support the VoIP infrastructure.  This ensures the best possible call quality and best experience with VoIP solutions.  We provide 2 different options for customers:

Hosted Solution

This offers the most flexibility as our systems are hosted in our fully redundant data centres (Toronto, New York or San Francisco).  Phones can be plugged in to any unrestricted internet connection and connect directly to the phone server.  Pricing starts at $65/month for multi-line solutions.

On-Site solution

This offers the best flexibility to customers that don’t have the best internet connection or would still like to use some standard Bell lines for their connectivity.  You can combine Bell lines with VoIP lines to get the best of both.  This is the most expensive solution as it requires hardware to be purchased and installed on-site.

Hybrid Solution

A combination of both the Hosted Solution and the On-Site solution adds additional redundancy.  This is tailored to each individual customer.

Click here for a list of common features (exact features may vary by installation)

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